Excursión Οrganizada en Nueva York

Fecha de Salida

10 Jan - 29 Mar


8 & 10 Dias

8 & 10 Days – Departures:

  • 10, 24 January 2020 (8 days)

  • 08, 22 February 2020 (8 days)

  • 02, 14 March 2020 (8 days)

  • 21, 29 March 2020 (8 days)

  • 21, 29 March 2020 (10 days)





New York: The navel of the earth, the city that never sleeps. The mega-city that gave its name to dream and exaggeration. Meet New York, the most photographed city in the world, the legendary US city. Discover the capital of the world and explore Manhattan’s neighborhoods. Constantly feeling that you are  in one of the movies you’ve seen in the cinema. Theaters, markets, museums, all sorts of attractions, cafes and restaurants, all conspired to seduce even the most conservative visitor. New York’s most famous images come from the Theater District, Times Square with its huge neon signs, the Rockefeller Center a complex of skyscrapers and gardens, the Diamond Row diamond district created in the 1930s, Paramount building, the Public Library building and Carnegie Hall one of the most important concert venues, the Grand Central Station with its vaulted ceiling and its majestic marble staircases, the Empire State Building, the Museum of Modern Art with its bright new venues after the recent complete renovation, the neo-gothic St. Patrick’s Cathedral that looks like it touches the sky as it stands next to the modern black Onassis building, but also the Waldorf Astoria Hotel a timeless symbol of elegance. All these together compose the color of the area. In the legendary «New York – New York» of musicals and theatrical performances, everything acts as a well-tuned plant of ideas, as a giant generator of energy, progress and trends, which is endlessly giving pulse to the unexpected. Of course people with concerns gather here from all over the globe in search of success and recognition, the «Big Apple» that is given only to the winner.


1st Day


Meeting at the airport, we get latest directions and flight to New York with the top airlines working with our office. Flight towards the dream, the legendary «New York – New York», the city with the thousand faces we all know from movies, the city that combined its name with «the dream» and the imagination of the modern man. Upon arrival, we will be transferred to the hotel which is located in the heart of Manhattan, where our office has arranged for your convenience, porters to carry your luggage to your rooms. Time for settlement. A little later, depending on the time of arrival, we will start a walk with our guide for a first acquaintance with the most exciting city on the planet.
2nd Day


We start our day with a sightseeing tour of Northern Manhattan that the city is famous for. We will begin our tour on the statue of the most important explorer, Christopher Columbus and his caravans, which today is a measuring point of all distances from New York. Then we will pass by the Lincoln Center which hosts the Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera, an ideal venue for classical music lovers. Brief stop in Central Park, one of the most popular parks in the world, a place where New Yorkers relax and spend their free time. A park full of picturesque lakes, beautiful fountains, the whisper bench, Shakespeare's garden and the small but full of life zoo. We continue with General Grant's memorial and Columbia University, New York's most important university of theoretical sciences, where in its entrance refers to ancient Greek philosophers. Following is the neighborhood of Harlem, formerly known as the New York Mecca of African-Americans where the Apollo Theater is located, where all jazz demigod’s and Michael Jackson have performed. The tour concludes at 5th Avenue with the famous fashion shops and Rockefeller Center, one of the largest private complex in the world belonging to the homonymous family, landmark in the city, which houses the «Top of the Rock» observatory. We will end up in Times Square, the world's busiest and most photographed square in the world, where millions of visitors are dazzled by the illuminated skyscrapers with the colorful «neon» signs that really make the night look like day. Nearby is the magnificent Broadway, the hub of the entertainment industry where one can enjoy the most spectacular performances in the world. For the night, we recommend attending one of the famed Musical performances in the Broadway Theaters, concluding your day in New York with the best way. Don't forget to get your tickets from our office in Greece in order to benefit from the special low rates, but also to save time in queues!
3rd Day


Meeting in the hotel lobby for the second part of the city tour that will take you along the East River passing through the piers of eastern Manhattan overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. Our first stop will be at the historic Flatiron Building, an innovative skyscraper of great architectural significance. We move on to Greenwich Village which has been loved by artists and writers, with reference the Washington square and the University of New York (N.Y.U). We continue on to follow the footsteps of the famous protagonists of the famous “Sex and the City” series, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Beyond the 5th Avenue where the 4 girlfriends spend most of their time shopping, we will specifically visit the Magnolia Bakery where the famous company used to enjoy the famous cupcakes, as well as Carrie's house where the famous series was filmed. At the same time we continue our walk to the West Village, where we will visit the building where the series “Friends” was shot, which also saw enormous success in Greece, thus completing our special tour! Next follows East Village, Soho which is full of famous fashion houses, Little Italy and Chinatown, two of the city's most vibrant neighborhoods where New York's multicultural identity is visible. We head to Wall Street, the center of the global economy with a stop for photos with the bronze bull sculpture (Charging Bull). Immediately after we come across Ground Zero, where a monument has been created reminding everyone of 9/11, and next to it is the new Financial Center called One World Trade Center. In the same area stands the new, much talked about Station, build by Calatrava, known as Oculus, a special architectural building dominated by white color, which impresses both internally and externally and is even considered to be the most expensive station in the world at 4 billion dollars. We continue to Battery Park where we will see the Statue of Liberty from afar, enter the famous indoor Chelsea Market, home to New York's famous gourmet restaurants, where there will be free time to shop local products as well as taste famous dishes. Our tour ends with a cruise around the island of Manhattan, where we can see the historic Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty that dominates the city entrance, Staten Island and the great Verrazano Bridge. Of course we will pass under the various small and larger old and new bridges and over the many tunnels connecting Manhattan with the surrounding area and the adjacent State of New Jersey. So we will now have a great chance to photograph from afar the impressive Manhattan with its skyscrapers. After the cruise ends we will visit the Hudson Yards, the newly built Manhattan neighborhood, which came out of a science fiction movie! Spread over 14 acres, it houses dozens of shops, gardens, groves, luxurious shops, celebrity chefs restaurants, and the spectacular climbing project The Vessel which looks like a huge beehive. Then we will return to our hotel by coach and have time to prepare for our evening out. We have almost unlimited choices in the not-accidentally labeled «city that never sleeps»: In a special cocktail bar or restaurant in the Meatpacking District, in a bar on top of a building enjoying the illuminated Manhattan or nearby Soho, Little Italy, Tribecca, West & East Village, all areas with rich nightlife. Among New Yorkers relaxing with their drink or food after a long day, New York is ready to show you its nightlife! If we are lucky and there is a basketball match, we recommend experiencing the NBA's spectacular and magical world at Madison Square Garden with tickets secured by us! Of course, for those of you who want specific and tried-and-tested suggestions from our tour guide, feel free to consult them at any time!
4th Day


This day, given the number of travelers allows it, we will have the opportunity to move to New York as locals, with the way the overwhelming majority of city dwellers choose, otherwise we might go by coach. So, if possible, with our tour guide, we board the subway and transfer to one of the richest museums in the world, the Metropolitan Museum of Art where works of invaluable value are gathered from every culture. It is the third most visited museum in the world, after the Louvre and the British Museum. Its permanent collections include works of art from classical antiquity, ancient Egypt, Byzantine and Islamic art, paintings and sculptures by top painters, as well as an extensive collection of American, African, Asian and contemporary art and much more. Surely a single day is not enough for one to explore it all. On our official tour of the museum, our Greek tour guide will present some of the most important exhibits and give us information that only qualified experts can! As the museum is endless after our tour, our tour guide will guide you depending on your interests so that you will wander a little more in the magic of art. Later, we can relax with a stroll in Central Park, the endless park with its beautiful lakes making a boating or watching the squirrels passing by undisturbed among the New Yorkers who relax or exercise. The best way to tour this beautiful park is –weather permitting– to rent a bike. Next we will continue our tour on the public library, a beautiful building both exterior and interior, dominated by marble, frescoes, woodwork, quiet areas for reading and study. It is noteworthy that the public library is one of the most important US research libraries. Immediately afterwards we will have the opportunity to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and take the most spectacular photos! The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States (1883) and connects the municipalities of Manhattan with Brooklyn crossing over the East River. Since its inauguration it has become a symbol of New York and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964 and a National Historic Landmark in Civil Engineering in 1972. Next we return to the hotel by the subway. Our suggestion for today is to take advantage of it to see more. By subway you can depart for the Greek district of New York, Astoria. This is where the first Greek immigrants settled in search of a better life in the late 1950s and wrote their own history in New York. For the night, we suggest you spend your evening at one of Manhattan's most authentic Jazz Bar, with live music, food and drink. Because the place is often full, you can book and buy a ticket from us. For lovers of burgers and chocolate, our guide will suggest you the best hangouts in town! If the number of travelers does not allow for the subway, the day's activities may also be by coach.
5th Day


Free day. For those of you which cheap shopping is one of the reasons you visit New York, a visit to the most economical, rich and impressive shopping center, the famous “The Mills” is a must. Just half an hour away from Manhattan, there are all kind of branded items at incredibly low prices. Our office has opted for a closed shopping center during the winter months to protect travelers from the weather and the cold. The prices are really great as the products include the smallest tax than any other New York shopping village. Two hundred and twenty fashion names will be at your disposal. It's no coincidence that the vast majority of Americans choose this place for their purchases. With stores such as Michael Kors, Gucci, Guess, Dolce & Gabbana, Ugg, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Timberland, Brooks Brothers, Tommy Hilfiger and many more at an incredible variety but also price up to four times cheaper than in Greece. It will also help you save time in Manhattan by completing your shopping in one day. Our guide will give you the necessary tips in order to see as many shops as possible, making the most of your time according to your purchasing interest. Along with your membership, you also get the 10 $ worth VIP Coupons Book for extra benefits and discounts as well as a map to note the top stores that interests you. If shopping is not your forte, we suggest a stroll to Soho, to Chelsea with its local market and East village, where the high society resided until 1900, then inhabited by immigrants and from the 50s and after the area became the Mecca for the generation of Beatles, hippies and punks. East village has become a laboratory for experimentation and new trends.
6th Day


Free day. We recommend a full-day excursion to Washington DC, the city chosen to be the capital of the Federation. Washington is something more than just a capital city, it’s where summarizes the yesterday the today and the tomorrow of the USA. It is a modern imperial Rome where behind the hermetically closed doors of the American palaces (White House), crucial decisions are made about the future of the Planet. There are three elements that define the identity of the American metropolis today: the multiracial human presence, the exemplary urban organization, and especially the open horizons. Washington is not dominated by skyscrapers since no building is allowed to exceed the Capitol (the only exception is the Obelisk monument). We will see the monuments of the American Presidents, Washington, Jefferson, and also Lincoln, a monument where the Greek element is strong as the Parthenon was used as a pattern. We will see the reflection pool with the famous Obelisk, Lafayette Square, as well as the White House which is considered the most famous residence of the whole planet. Here the strong police force is evident everywhere and the images are very familiar from Hollywood films. We will also see the Capitol, the seat of the USA federal government, which is 88 meters high and is the tallest building in the city and is the center of it. We will then see the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress which is the largest and richest in the world with several influences from Greek culture, the National Gallery, the National Archives building (in a special showcase the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence) and the Smithsonian Institution, the largest museum complex in the world. Finally, we will visit the National Museum of Aeronautics and Space, where we will admire contemporary exhibits of spacecraft that have made history. We will also pass by the major Ministries, Museums, Banks, headquarters of international organizations, as well as hotels, theaters, FBI headquarters and the bustling train station, Union Station, whose interior is stunning with many shops and restaurants for someone to choose. Late in the afternoon return to the hotel.
7th Day


For today we suggest a full-day excursion to beautiful Boston where the headquarters of the famous Research and Technology Universities are located. In our Greek-speaking tour we will see sights, such as the Old State House, Old North Church, and more associated with early American history. We will also see the Government Center, Copley Square and Prudential Tower, and admire the Victorian style buildings. We will also pass the Symphony Hall with the well-known Boston Symphony Orchestra. Next we will visit world-renowned Universities like Harvard University and MIT. Free time to stroll, eat and late afternoon back to the hotel. If you choose to stay in Manhattan, we recommend visiting one or more of its museums. Firstly the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), it is considered today to hold one of the most important collections of art in the world, by the most important contemporary artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Vincent van Gogh, Cezanne, Dali and Jackson Pollock. Also the Museum of Natural History (which can be visited individually with a 1 $ admission ticket) is perfect for our little friends. It is the largest Museum of its kind in the world, with more than 36 million exhibits and 45 permanent exhibitions, the most notable of which is the Exhibition of Dinosaurs and Fossils, which is the most famous, the Meteor Room, the room with ocean life. Also the Guggenheim Museum, whose exterior is one of the greatest architectural achievements of the 20th century. A great day also for shopping, a visit to the Bloomingdales department store, Saks Fifth Avenue, the famous Abercrombie & Fitch sport store and also the respective discount store –as your tour guide suggests– or combine your shopping at Macy's with a visit at the Empire State Building. If you want to see New York from above, there are a total of 3 observatories in Manhattan, the Empire State Building, the Top of the Rock and the One World Observatory. Don't forget to try at least one of the hot dogs you will find in every corner of the city with the typical «NIKAS» umbrellas, or some of the famous Halal Guys canteens with very good street food quality.
8th Day


Our optional excursion is a unique experience to get in touch with the primitive and special way of life of the Amish community and move on to the historic medieval. Departure from New York for "City of brotherly love", Philadelphia. There, we will visit the famous Liberty Bell, one of the symbols of freedom in America, the Independence square, and we will walk to Elfreth's Alley, the oldest residential street in America. We continue with a panoramic tour including the famous «Rocky Stairs» and then visit the Lancaster area, which hosts the Amish community. After a meal break at the Amish Marketplace, we enjoy an authentic carriage ride in the rural area and learn how the Amish community lives. Late in the afternoon, departure for New York. If you want to stay in New York, we recommend a stroll in Greenwich Village or wander in the alleys of Little Italy and relax enjoying an espresso or a delicious pizza made with a traditional Italian recipe at the first pizzeria opened in the US (ask your guide). Visit the special neighborhood of China Town, walk through it, and live up close the pictures you've already taken from our tour. For lovers of sweets you will be informed about the most famous pastry shops, such as some that serves a shot of milk with a glass made of biscuit, or cronut a wonderful modern American sweet.
9th & 10th Day


On our last day, as our flight is in the evening, you can take advantage of it and visit one of Manhattan's most historic architectural masterpieces, the Empire State Building, or select the spectacular and contemporary Top of the Rock and One World Observatory with a ticket you can get from us. The latter especially, stands out for its stunning views and interactive technology that will impress you. Otherwise you can wander the Brooklyn Heights area, where you will have the opportunity to walk in neighborhoods from another age. The famed 19th century brown stones houses are a landmark, impeccable buildings and well-groomed Brooklyn Heights trees lend an air of nobility to the neighborhood. Although the area is full of classic tastes, you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the area's rustic architecture, beachfront buildings and breathtaking views of the Manhattan horizon. In the afternoon we depart for the airport. After we pass the formalities and if there is still time for a short walk to duty free shops, we depart for the exit which takes us to the plane and the return trip. Arrival in the city from where we started, with rich experiences from the most famous Megalopolis, the «Big Apple» and that we now know why it is called so, the prize that everyone wants to get in recognition of success!


Price per person:


8 days:
10, 24 January 2020
08, 22 February 2020



2 until 12
years old*

(or similar)
869 €1.364 €

789 €

*Child’s price is based on one child΄s stay (up to 11,99 yrs), in the same room with two (2) adults in an extra bed.

Price per person:


8 days:
02, 14 March 2020



2 until 12
years old*

(or similar)


*Child’s price is based on one child΄s stay (up to 11,99 yrs), in the same room with two (2) adults in an extra bed.

Price per person:


8 days:
21, 29 March 2020



2 until 12
years old*

(or similar)


*Child’s price is based on one child΄s stay (up to 11,99 yrs), in the same room with two (2) adults in an extra bed.

Price per person:


10 days:
21, 29 March 2020



2 until 12
years old*

(or similar)

969 €

*Child’s price is based on one child΄s stay (up to 11,99 yrs), in the same room with two (2) adults in an extra bed.

Flights with Εmirates Airlines:
EK209 / Athens – New York: 17:25 (departure) – 21:30 (arrival).
EK210 / New York – Athens: 23:55 (departure) – 16:10 (arrival).


  • Air tickets with direct flights with Emirates.
  • Six (6), Seven (7), Eight (8) overnights at central 4* hotels.
  • Two (2) guided tours by coach as mentioned in the detailed program.
  • Guided tours & excursions every day by our expert guides & escorts.
  • Cruise to the Statue of Liberty (Ellis Island).
  • Entrance ticket and Greek-speaking tour of the Metropolitan Museum.
  • Tour to Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Visit to Brookfield Place, the Public Library, Highline & the new Hudson Yards neighborhood with the giant cellular sculpture The Vessel.
  • Greek-speaking escort – guide daily.
  • Transfers from and to airports within America.
  • Availability to participate to optional excursions to Philadelphia / the Amish community, Washington, Boston and discount village The Mills.
  • Availability for ticket purchase for the Broadway shows, NBA & Museum tickets at discounted rates.
  • Availability for ticket purchase for famous observatories & helicopter flight.
  • Travel brochures.
  • Travel Guide New York – USA.
  • 10% discount card for the Macy’s department store.
  • VAT.


  • Airport taxes, ESTA costs (USA entry permit), special travel insurance AIG (medical expenses, etc.) (495 €).
  • Breakfast (availability for option).
  • Tips – porter which must be paid to the tour guide (50 $).
  • Everything that is not explicitly mentioned in the program or referred to as optional or proposed.


By traveling with us you ensure the best activities at the lowest prices!




The world’s most famous movie set is undoubtedly located on Broadway Street. Millions of tourists flock to the street’s cosmopolitan theaters in order to watch the world’s most famous performances such as The Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, Kinky Boots, Chicago but also in the spectacular Christmas dance show Christmas Spectacular. Make your reservation as soon as possible, as the available tickets for the best shows run out quickly!


If there is one city worth enjoying the view from above, take the best panoramic photos and enjoy your cocktail while gazing at the sunset, this is surely New York! The historic Empire State Building, the state-of-the-art One World Observatory built on the site of the Twin Towers, as well as the imposing Top of the Rock in the heart of Manhattan are not to be missed from your list of activities.


The icing on the cake of your visit to imposing Manhattan is a helicopter flight. The magnificent view will take your breath away and the unparalleled experience of this aerial tour will give you the chance to see some of New York’s most important sights from above, flying over the Statue of Liberty and along the Hudson River. Be prepared with your camera for videos and photos!


From 800 fun places all over New York City, we ensure you get a seat in one of the best. Live jazz music from experienced bands, will transfer you to 20th century New York, exuding the romance and dynamism of the era through the successes of Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and many more!


Still one of New York’s “strong cards” are the dozens of museums and art venues. We stand out and highly recommend a visit to the Metropolitan, Moma, Madame Tussauds, Guggenheim and War Museum. With us you are guaranteed the best prices, tips about hours as well as fast pass where is possible.


A dream of many which we undertake to make it a reality! Watch with us your favorite players at Madison Square Garden and at the Barclays Center in the most spectacular matches, at the best prices, and live up close the magic world of NBA!


  • Required for entry into the USA is the ESTA approval (Visa Waiver Program), which is fully undertaken by our office. In case you have visited any of the countries such as Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Yemen or Somalia since 01/03/2011, a different VISA application procedure must be followed, which we can undertake if you wish.
  • The 8 day program does not include the 7th and 8th days of the above program.
  • The 9 day program does not include the 8th day of the above program.
  • The office reserves the right to postpone activities without canceling them on a date or time for the purpose of better completion of the program.
  • CAUTION: The prices agreed upon booking are DEFINITIVE, without any increase regardless of the number of participants.
  • This travel guide has been compiled by us specifically for our travelers, based on our USA travel experiences and contains useful information and secrets that will help make the most of your leisure time.
  • Optional tours require a minimum number of participants in order to be made.

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