Excursión Organizada en Moscú y San Petersburgo

Fecha de Salida

01 Mar - 20 Mar


8 Días

8 Days – Departures:

  • 01, 20 March 2020


Moscow is located in the western part of Russia, and is the capital of the country. With a population of 10,562,099 inhabitants, it is the largest city in Europe, the seventh place in the world and has been designated as a world metropolis. It was founded in 1147 on the banks of the Moskva River, which is a tributary of the Volga. Until the time of Peter the Great was the capital of the kingdom of Russia, the years that followed lost the scepter from St. Petersburg but after 1917 he came back to the fore as the capital of the Soviet Union. Nowadays in Moscow a very large proportion of all industrial products in the country are produced, since it houses factories producing cars, electrical goods, paper and many chemical goods. He excel in literacy and culture as he is the home of many distinguished scientific and educational institutions, has more than 70 museums, many libraries and numerous theaters dominated by Bolshoi. Finally, it is worth noting that Moscow is the most important transport center in Russia, with innumerable road and railways connecting it with the interior of the country and with the most important European cities. It also has four international airports, nine electric rail terminals, and the world’s second busiest metro after Tokyo.


The Federal City of Saint Petersburg is the second largest Russian city in the northwest of Russia, where the Neva River flows into the Baltic Sea. It is built on a cluster of small islands separated by natural and artificial canals that communicate with bridges. It was founded by Tsar Peter the Great of Russia on 27 May 1703 and has been for more than 200 years the capital of the Russian Empire. In the 300 years of its history the city changed its name several times since it was founded as Petersburg in 1914 it was renamed Petrograd and immediately after Lenin’s death until 1991 was called Leningrad. Nowadays two very common names are Saint Petersburg and Peter. The entire city is a huge open exhibition of monumental, decorative and utilitarian architecture. It is full of magnificent buildings, huge parks, carved bridges, statues and monuments that combine the Baroque style with that of neoclassicism. The numerous channels that run through it creates a distinct setting and give it various nicknames such as “Venice of the North” and “City of 300 Bridges”. It is characteristic that the entire historic center and several regional sites have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With a population of approximately 5,000,000 inhabitants, it has the role of a metropolis and a transport hub for the wider region. You can easily reach it through its large international airport and although we would suggest you visit it during the warmer months of the year, it is a unique destination for those who want to travel to a rapidly growing city, while having the ability to travel intelligently in the Tsar and Rasputin.


1st Day


Meeting at Athens «Eleftherios Venizelos» airport and departure for Moscow on a direct flight. On our way to the hotel we will begin our first acquaintance with the beautiful and more historic Capital of the Russian State and we will get our first information on its history. Transfer, arrangement at the hotel and free time until dinner. In the evening we will have the opportunity to walk to the beautiful Red Square, Manezhnaya Square, Okhotny Ryad Street and Tverskaya Boulevard. We will enjoy the illuminated historic center of the city, which with the special "artistic" lighting changes view every night after the sunset, always accompanied by a Greek-speaking representative of our agency. Meeting the predetermined time with the escort and return to the hotel. The evening stroll may take place another day.
2nd Day


Breakfast at the hotel. We continue with a tour of the major attractions of Moscow to see the “Golden Domes”, among other things, the central avenues with historical buildings of various seasons, the imposing towers of the Stalin era (the so-called Seven Sisters), the beautiful squares, the green boulevards and parks, many monuments and statues dedicated to famous personalities and historical events the buildings of the National Library and the Historical Museum, the Manege and the Duma, the Moscow City Hall and the statue of Prince Yuriy Dolgorukiy (city's founder) and the main squares: the Pushkinskaya with Pushkin's statue, the theaters with the Bolshoi and Maly, the Luganskaya with the State Security Building (formerly KGB), and the Slavyanskaya with the statue dedicated to Saints Cyril and Methodius. We will also see Varvarka Street with the picturesque churches (one of the oldest of Moscow), the modern park «Zaryadye», the Prince Vladimir statue - the Russian Baptist, the Luzhniki Olympic Stadium, the Novodevichy Convent and many more. We will visit the «Vorobyovy» hills (it’s the highest place of the city, here is the Lomonosov university campus) and we will stop at the «cape-panorama» from which opens up the panoramic views of Moscow. We will visit the Red Square (here is the fairy temple of Protection of the Holy Virgin, known as the St. Basil cathedral, the church of Holy Mary Kazanskaya, the well-known GUM department store, the Lenin Mausoleum and the main building of the Historical Museum. We continue with a visit to the Cathedral of all of Russia - the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Here we can walk the «Patriarshy Bridge», where we will enjoy the fantastic view of Kremlin (one of the most beautiful in Moscow). Following is a transfer near the Victory Park, which is located on the Pilgrims Hill and is dedicated to the victory of the Soviet people in the «Great Patriotic War» 1941-1945. Here we will have a tour in one of the two museums: a) the famous museum of the «Great Patriotic War 1941-1945», dedicated to the war that took place between Nazi Germany with their allies and the Soviet Union during the World War II. Among all the exhibits, the 6 dioramas stand out with the huge panoramic paintings depicting the 6 most important and hardest battles of the war and the 3 halls called the «Hall of Glory», «Hall of Commanders» and «Hall of Remembrance and Sorrow», with the last one being considered by many as the most symbolic of the entire complex, or b) in the annex of the Historical Museum «Borodino Panorama of 1812», which is dedicated to the «Patriotic War» that took place between Napoleon's France and Russia of Alexander I. The central exhibit is the diorama-panorama with the painting of Franz Roubaud which is 115-meter-long and 15-meter-hight, representing the battle of the Russian army under the command of General Mikhail Kutuzov against the French army under the command of Napoleon I Bonaparte. The battle that took place near the Russian town of Borodino, only 125 km from Moscow is considered to be the largest and decisive of the 1812 war. According to the memories of a French general, Napoleon repeated the phrase: "Battle of Borodino”, was the most beautiful and the most frightening, the French have proved worthy of victory, while the Russians deserve to be unbeatable…". Next we will be transported near the VDNKh park, where we will have a tour of the famous «Astronautics-Cosmonauts Museum». The history of the museum, as one of the largest scientific museums in the world, began in the second half of the 20th century, when in 1964, the monument-obelisk dedicated to «Conquerors of Space» appeared on the map of the city. The museum's exhibition in its present form was opened to the public on April 10, 1981 and was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the first manned space flight – on the flight of Yuri Gagarin. The museum's present exhibition consists of eight halls, a cinema and a conference hall, and the museum's collection includes more than 93.000 objects that recount the most important events of space exploration, such as the launch of the first Earth’s artificial satellite, the first man's exit to «open space», the moon exploration program, and the study of the planets of the Solar System. Here, among other things, we will have the opportunity to see cosmonaut's personal objects, real-size satellites, «spaceship modules», rockets and space technology samples, collections of paintings and graphics, and the simulation of «Mir» space station, the «International Space Station» and many more. Upon completion of the program return to the hotel and free time until dinner.
3rd Day


Breakfast at the hotel. Continuing our acquaintance with Moscow we go and use the famous and perhaps the most beautiful metro in the world. We will visit some of the most interesting historical stations of the famous Moscow metro – real artworks. Some stations with frescoes, statues, vitro, and mosaics resemble underground museums and impress all visitors. The total number of stations now exceeds 240, while over 9 million passengers a day use the metro. Continuing our metro route we will reach Manezhnaya square (here is the statue of Marshal Zhukov), we will pass from Alexander Garden (here is the tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the «Eternal Flame») to enter the Kremlin area. During the tour we will see the «Tsar Cannon», the «Tsar Bell», the former Congress of the USSR, the Russian President's of offices buildings, the Presidential Palace, Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the Kremlin Church’s square with the picturesque churches and temples-museums of Archangel Michael, the church of Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Cathedral of the Annunciation, the Devotion of the Virgin Mary temple (visiting one of them) and the «Patriarch’s Palace» (it was the residence of the first Patriarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, will be visited if it is open). Next is a visit to the State Historical Museum in Red Square – the largest National History Museum in Russia. The museum was founded in 1875 with the participation of Emperor Alexander II. The magnificent architecture and decoration of the museum's halls travels the visitors to the unique atmosphere of each era, while the exterior of the museum building is decorated in a «pseudo-Russian» style and is a characteristic example of 19th-century Russian architecture (from 1990 the historical museum has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list). Every room in the museum is a small masterpiece created with the participation of outstanding artists such as Aivazovsky, Vasnetsov, Siemiradzki, Serov and more, with a total collection of over 5 million items (including those not on display). Numerous exhibits of the permanent exhibition describe in the most dramatic way the historical evolution of the wider region of Russia from the Paleolithic period to the 20th Century. Some of the museum's most important exhibits relate to finds of prehistoric cultures developed in Russia, as well as priceless artworks and other objects associated with Russia's great Tsar dynasties. In the museum, among other things, you can see monuments of the time of Ancient Russia, the Principality of Moscow, rare manuscripts and letters on birch bark, many historical relics and jewelry, symbols of power, clothing and personal belongings of Russian rulers, clerics and Mongolians Khan, Russian army weapons, portraits of princes, tsars and more. Next we will visit Zariandie Park which was built on the spot that once dominated the largest hotel in the city. The park was created by a team of architects and engineers and is a prime example of the evolution of modern Moscow. In the park, the concepts of physics, technology, geometry of education, history and entertainment are united and complemented. Here we will see, among other things, the church of St. Barbara and St. Maxim, the «old English court» mansion, the Romanov mansion, we can walk to the 244-meter panoramic «hanging bridge» and enjoy the view of the Kremlin and of St. Basil church. After completing the program return to the hotel (by metro) and free time until dinner.
4th Day


Breakfast at the hotel. After check out we bid farewell to beautiful Moscow and transportation at one of the railway stations or one of the city's airports for our transition to Saint Petersburg. During the day trip with the express train we will enjoy a beautiful journey with «genuine» vast landscapes of the North-western Russian province with its traditional villages such as Volochek, Torzhok and Bologoye. During the trip to the hotel we will make our first acquaintance with the city, which Peter the Great founded three centuries ago to give his empire an exit to the North Sea, and we will get our first information about its history. Arrival, check in at the hotel and dinner. In the evening we will have the opportunity to walk to Nevsky Avenue, the Fine Arts Square, on the canals and the rivers. We will enjoy the illuminated historical buildings of the city, the palaces, the temples and the monuments that have been preserved since the age of Tsar's. Meeting the predetermined time with the escort and return to the hotel.
5th Day


Breakfast at the hotel. Our acquaintance with the city of Saint Peter will be continued with our tour of the most important sights. Among other things, we will see the central boulevards, central squares, Nevsky Avenue, the palaces and residences of the rich and the aristocrats of Tsar’s Russia such as the Marble Palace, the palaces of Stroganov, Yusupov and Sheremetyevo, the Admiralty, the university campus, Vasilyevsky island with its «Arrow» in front of the Neva river and the beautiful view of the complex of Hermitage Museum buildings with the Winter Palace and Palace’s Square, Mariinsky Theaters (formerly Kirov), Alexandrinsky and Mikhailovsky, the Field of Mars, the Summer Garden, the Kazan Cathedral, Saint Isaac's Cathedral, the Senate square with the Bronze Horseman (statue dedicated to Peter the Great by Catherine the Great) and many others. We will visit the Fortress of Peter and Paul – the first building of the city and the Apostles Peter and Paul Cathedral, in which are the graves of the second Tsar’s dynasty of Russia – the Romanov. Next is a visit to the Cathedral of the city – the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan. Our Lady of Kazan is a sacred image that holds a prominent place in the Russian Orthodox Church, and not only. Our Lady of Kazan has been a patron of Kazan and has been considered protector of all Russia (and the Russian family) for centuries. The sacred image was discovered on July 8, 1579 by a little girl named Matrona. According to tradition, the site of the Sacred Relic was revealed to the girl by Virgin Mary herself. At this exact point the Holy Temple of Virgin Mary of Kazan was built, where the icon was kept until 1904 the year it was stolen. Today, the Temple houses again, after many years of absence, one of the faithful copies of the miraculous icon of the 18th century Virgin Mary Kazanskaya. Upon completion of the program return to the hotel and free time until dinner.
6th Day


Breakfast at the hotel. Departure for the Hermitage guided tour - the third largest museum in the world and the first in collections, which number more than three million exhibits dating from prehistoric times to our days. The museum was founded by Catherine the Great, originally housed in the rooms of the Winter Palace and today consists of the palace itself, the Old, the Small, the New Hermitage and the homonym theater. Among the beautiful chambers of the palaces with its unique and distinctive decoration, one can also see the famous «peacock» clock, fantastic mosaics and well-known works by Leonardo da Vinci, Tiziano, Raphael, Rembrandt, El Greco, Velazquez, de Goya and other artists. Next follows a gift, our visit to the unique beauty Temple of «Savior on Spilled Blood» – the Resurrection of Christ (1883 – 1907). It was founded by Emperor Alexander III at the point where his father, Alexander II, had been fatally injured. The temple was built as a monument dedicated to the Tsar-Martyr with funds (money) gathered from all over Russia. Its architecture is distinct from the rest of St. Petersburg, as the Temple is built in «Russian Style». Externally, the church reminds of the Church of Saint Basil (Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat) of Moscow, while its interior is a real mosaic museum covering an area of seven thousand sixty-five square meters. The mosaic was created in the laboratory of V Frolov based on designs of 30 other well-known Russian artists and is one of the largest in Europe. After completion of our program we return to the hotel and have free time until dinner.
7th Day


Breakfast at the hotel. Dedicating our day to visits to the outskirts of Saint Petersburg and the summer residence of the Tsar’s family, we will depart: a) for Petrodvorets or else Peterhof – a gem of Russian architecture, a city of palaces, parks and fountains. The city was built by Peter the Great in memory of Russia's victory over Sweden in the Northern War and competed in beauty and luxury with Versailles. It was a summer residence of the Russian Emperors. We will visit the Grand Palace with its exquisite interior, where most of the authentic exhibits of the summer houses on the outskirts of Saint Petersburg have been preserved. From the Grand Palace three huge fountains lead to the Lower Park - a true artwork (fountains in the park / garden do not work during the trip). We will walk most of the Lower Park to get to the coast of the Baltic Sea Bay of Finland, where the «Mon Plaisir» - favorite palace of Peter the Great and the Palace of Baths, originally built by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli. or b) Pushkin or else Tsarskoe Selo, where we will take a tour of Catherine's Palace - one of the largest and perhaps the most impressive and rich of those located on the outskirts of Saint Petersburg. Here also lies the famous «Amber Room» (which we will visit), known as the «eighth miracle of the world». Its amber decoration has been completely rebuilt and will impress everyone (the fate of the original is ignored since 1945). Tsarskoe Selo park, a complex of palaces, gardens, artificial and natural lakes with small islands, was the favorite resting part of the Russian Tsars. After visiting one of the summer residences (a or b), we continue with our visit to Kotlin island, where we will visit Kronstadt - a city of exceptional historical and cultural heritage, which over the last three centuries has played a major role in the history of Russia. Unique and invaluable Kronstadt, which as a naval outpost was built to protect the new capital - Saint Petersburg. The history of the city is closely related to the Peter the Great, the creation and strengthening of the Russian Navy, the great inventions and discoveries of the Russian scientists, and the heroic events of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Here we will visit the Saint Nicholas Naval Cathedral - the last and largest of the Russian Naval Cathedrals of the Russian Empire. The temple is built in a «neo-Byzantine» rhythm, influenced by the architecture of the 6th-8th century, where the temple of Hagia Sophia of Constantinople was the artistic and ideological template for the construction. After the completion of the program return to the hotel and free time until dinner.
8th Day


Breakfast at the hotel. After the check out, we bid farewell to the «Northern Capital» of the country and head for the airport, where we will take the return flight to Athens via Moscow.


Prices per person:


8 days:
01, 20 March 2020



2 until 11
years old*



(close to the historic center)

(or similar)

1.285 €
(price for all
2 hotels)
1.535 €
(price for all
2 hotels)

1.105 €
(price for all
2 hotels)

Saint Petersburg
(in the first historic center)

(close to the historic center)

(or similar)

*Child’s price is based on one child΄s stay (up to 10,99 yrs), in the same room with two (2) adults in an extra bed.

Flights with Aeroflot Airlines:
1st Day: Athens – Moscow:  13:15 (departure) – 17:15 (arrival).
5th Day: Moscow – Saint Petersburg: Daily express train or flight.
8th Day: Saint Petersburg – Moscow: 13:25 (departure) – 14:45 (arrival).
8th Day: Moscow – Athens: 19:15 (departure) – 22:30 (arrival).


  • Accommodation in 4* hotels with half board (breakfast & dinner based program). The hotels do not have triple rooms, they are double rooms with the addition of a folding bed (ranch), while most hotels in these cases serve only children up to 11,99 years old (for accommodation for 12 years and over and adults in extra bed as 3rd person please specify with the agency).
  • Air tickets ATHENS – MOSCOW and SAINT PETERSBERG – MOSCOW – ATHENS with Aeroflot Airlines.
  • Aeroflot flights per person include One (1) baggage up to 23 kg and One (1) hand baggage up to 8 kg of specified dimensions (depending on the airline the conditions vary).
  • Daily express train tickets or air tickets for Moscow – Saint Petersburg (the means of transition is determined by the organizer before departure from Greece and directly depends on when the final list of travelers with all passport data will be available).
  • Airport taxes & fuel surcharges.
  • Local taxes.
  • For holders of GREEK PASSPORTS: Russian visa & consulate security (emergency medical coverage for people up to 75 years, for older people, please contact the agency).
  • For holders of GREEK PASSPORTS: Liability Insurance, Travel Insurance (covers people up to 75 years old).
  • Transport to program-based destinations.
  • Greek-speaking guided tours by local professional tour guides as per schedule.
  • Entrance fees to museums & tours locations and program tours as per schedule.
  • Greek-speaking guide during the group trip for more than 25 people. For smaller groups, our Greek-speaking representatives in Moscow and Saint Petersburg will serve as escorts (in any case our Greek-speaking representatives will be present at all arrivals and departures of the groups at the airports and train stations where they will give the necessary instructions to travelers and will accompany them during their arrangement in hotels).
  • Gift based programs.
  • VAT.


  • Visa cost / charge for passports from other countries (except Greece).
  • Everything that is not explicitly mentioned in the program or referred to as optional or proposed.


  • The program can also be implemented in different order or partial change, if this is necessary for a better outcome. The length of tours depends directly on the traffic on the streets, the trip period and the particularities of the group (eg number of people, ages). On rare occasions, some of the State Museums (especially the Kremlin museums) may restrict or prohibit entry for tourist groups due to reception of official missions to them, while the relevant information to the agencies is only 1 day in advance. In these cases, the group’s visit to the museum is replaced with a visit to another. Particularly in the case of holidays, official holidays in destinations, the program will be adjusted based on the opening hours of museums and program visits.
  • The final program of tours comes out 5-7 days before the departure date.
  • Prices are for a minimum of 10 people.
  • Prices may be adjusted based on ROB / EUR parities.
  • For group of less than 12 people for transport / travels, mini bus / van is used.
  • Insurance do not cover cases of aggravation of chronic diseases.
  • Last update of the price list and schedule 17 January 2020.
  • In the event of cancellation by the client for health reasons after booking, the deposit will be refunded if a public hospital certificate is provided.



Information for publishing Russian visa IN ATHENS for GREEK passports owners

For the issuance of a (simple) visa, 6 working days are required for the passport to be issued to the consulate (for issue in Athens) and need: TRAVELERS PASSPORT (must be valid for 6 months after the date of departure of the traveler from Russia and signed by the holder in the respective field), 1 RECENT (last six months) photo (3,5 cm x 4,5 cm, color mat, on white background, while the persons face must cover 80% of the photo), completed FORM INFORMATION DATA – VISA DECLARATION. Travelers will also have to sign a RESPONSIBLE DECLARATION and an AUTHORIZATION. All supporting documents must be in our office UP TO 15 DAYS BEFORE THE TRAVEL DATE at the latest. A single visa price is included in the price of the package. There is a possibility of issuing an emergency visa at a charge of 45 €.

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